5 Tips for Post-Winter Generator Maintenance

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A generator is a great asset that can make powering through a winter storm easier than ever. A generator is also a great thing to have in case of storms and potential power outages. While you may be taking care of the generator fine during the winter, there are some things that you do need to do to get your generator ready for the spring and ready to store away until you need it again.

Tips for Post-Winter Generator Maintenance

If you are looking for tips for making sure that your generator stays in the shed and is in great shape all spring and summer, look no further. The first thing you want to do is make sure you are doing some preventative maintenance for your generator. You want to make sure that you are doing a general inspection of your generator:

  • Do a visual check
  • Make sure that your generator is lubricated
  • Change your coolant and oil
  • Make sure the fuel lines are clean and dry
  • Test and service batteries if needed, and ensure that your generator is in good shape
  • Check for corrosion

A good rule of thumb with a generator is that if you are not going to be using it during the spring or summer, you should put it away clean and ready to be put back in service when winter arrives. This does not mean leaving fuel in it, but rather, making sure that all the systems are clean and that there are no issues to deal with.

How to Keep Up on Generator Maintenance After Winter

Some great tips for generator maintenance before spring is to make sure you clean it, that you change the oil if needed, change the coolant, make sure there is no fuel that can go bad in it, and that you are also changing any parts that may have gone bad during the winter. Ensure that you are putting your generator up in a state that is not going to be detrimental to it in any way.

You should also be turning your generator on from time to time during the summer to make sure it still works. One of the best ways to keep a generator during the spring and summer is to make sure that you do not forget it and that you do not neglect it just because you are not using it as much. Proper care is going to help keep your generator working well and help to ensure that it is going to work great for years to come.

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