Signs That Your Home Needs an Electrical Inspection

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Having regular electrical inspections is one chore homeowners can easily forget about. If the electricity is working well enough, it can be easy to procrastinate on this important type of maintenance. Allowing even small electric problems to go unresolved, however, can endanger your family and ultimately cost you money down the road. To avoid these issues, it is good to have an electrical inspection done if you are experiencing any of the following problems or if you are wondering how to know when your home needs an electrical inspection. 

Old-Fashioned, Two-Pronged Outlets

If you have old-fashioned, two-pronged outlets located anywhere in your home, it is a sign that the electrical wiring in the house is severely outdated. You should contact a local electrician as soon as possible to have the wiring of the entire home evaluated. You will also want to update the two-pronged outlets for modern, safer alternatives.

Flickering Lights

If the lights flicker when large appliances turn on, this can be a signal that all is not well in your electrical wiring. There could be a faulty switch. A faulty switch can overheat and cause a house fire. To avoid this risk, have an electrician check out the problem.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers do trip occasionally, but if you notice that breakers trip quite often in your home, the problem needs to be addressed. In some cases, this problem can be easily fixed by moving an appliance to a different circuit. However, it can be a sign of serious electrical wiring issues in other cases.

Warm Switches/Outlets

If you notice any light switches or electrical outlets feeling warm to the touch, you need to seek an electrical professional immediately. This could be a serious sign of shorted wiring, deteriorated wiring, or other electrical problems. This can easily cause a house fire. Do not wait to have this issue inspected.

Odd Smells

Another serious sign of potential electrical problems is odd smells in the home. Odd smells can include burning smells or the smell of melting plastic. If you smell this, you might need to call the fire department. It could signify that an electrical fire has started somewhere out of sight.

Many electrical fires start within the walls. This is what makes electrical fires so dangerous. They are not obvious, and they develop slowly.

If you see any of these indications a home electrical inspection is needed. You should reach out to a local electrical professional as soon as possible to have the issues evaluated.

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