New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home: Energy Efficiency Edition

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Are you looking to become more energy-efficient this New Year but don’t know where to start? It is easier than you might think. By implementing these tactics below in your New Years resolution for energy efficiency, you will soon be saving on one more thing than just energy — money! Read on to understand how these tactics for energy efficiency work and why they are essential.

Switch Off the Lights   

When pondering how to save on energy in the New year, a simple step is switching off all lights when you are not using them. Turning the lights off, even for a few minutes while not in the room, can add up quickly and decrease energy use immensely. In addition to reducing your energy bill, switching off the lights in your home when not using them will result in a longer lifespan for your bulbs and less frequent purchases for replacement. This factor is an additional energy and money-saving element!

A light source that you might unknowingly leave on often is outdoor lights. These lights are typically on throughout the night for security purposes. In light of this purpose, you can switch to outdoor solar lighting to achieve your New Years energy saving goals.

Upgrade to a Smart Thermostat 

After upgrading to a smart thermostat in your home, the technology will quickly learn the household routines and adjust the cooling and heating accordingly. The thermostat will reduce its work- and thus its energy consumption- when members of your household are not at home. By upgrading to a smart thermostat, your energy consumption will decrease without you putting in any work. This carefree feature makes the thermostat one of the most convenient and easy actions to help you reach your New Years energy saving goals.

Turn on the Ceiling Fan 

Instead of turning on your HVAC system to regulate temperatures within your home, turn on the ceiling fans. Ceiling fans take significantly less energy than an average HVAC system, which will also decrease your energy bills. In the warmer months, your ceiling fans should be spinning counterclockwise to direct the cool air down within the room. In contrast, a ceiling fan should go clockwise in the colder months to push the warm air down that naturally rises in a confined space. 

Frequently Change Furnace Filter

In addition to encouraging cleaner air circulation in your home, frequently changing your furnace filter can also help conserve energy consumption. When a filter becomes dirty with dust and debris, the furnace works harder to effectively push air out into your home due to this blockage. As a result of this added exertion, your furnace will require large amounts of energy to work. To avoid this unnecessary energy use, replace them immediately after you see excessive dirt. This changing schedule will differ depending on the size and brand of the filter. 

When debating how to accomplish your New Years resolution for energy efficiency, follow these tips and tricks above. After you integrate these various actions above into your lifestyle, you will be saving both energy and money.


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