How Much Does It Cost to Charge an EV at Home?

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You’ve heard about all of the great benefits of owning an electric vehicle, but what are the actual costs of owning this type of car and keeping it charged properly? How much would it cost to charge an EV at home? This is a practical question that needs answering before you decide to invest in this type of vehicle.

This quick guide will help to answer your question, “Is it expensive to charge an EV at home?” Let’s get started.

How To Charge EVs

There is plenty of talk about electric vehicles, but not much talk about the practical aspects of what you would need to purchase and how you would need to alter your home in order to accommodate such a car.

Most EV owners opt to charge their vehicles at home. The vehicles are often charged overnight at home. They need  AC level 1 or AC level 2 charging equipment. Most people choose to have this type of equipment installed in their garage.

Required Installations

Level 1: You can charge an EV using just level 1 equipment. This type of equipment does not require cost or installation. You simply need a power outlet or a dedicated circuit near where you park at night.

Level 2: If you opt for level 2 charging equipment, you will need to have that installed. This is beneficial for drivers who have less than regular schedules. It is also good for those who have long commutes. It is intended for EV owners whose batteries need more than just an overnight charge. The expense of these types of installations would fall on the EV owner. However, many states are offering incentives to help offset the cost.


Those who do opt for level 2 equipment should know that there is safety information that you must be aware of. Be sure to read all of your owner’s information to ensure that you and your family are safe when you are near the equipment.

Local Regulations

Another important aspect of charging vehicles at home is that you always stay compliant with local regulations. Because you are dealing with electricity in a new way, there are safety regulations in place.

You will need to consult with your local building and permits office to find out about local, state, and national codes. In most places, you will need to obtain the proper permits to have equipment installed.

Charging Costs

Beyond any initial cost of having equipment installed, the next most important question is how much does it actually cost to charge the vehicle? You need to understand that fuel efficiency for an EV is calculated by measuring kilo-watt hours per 100 miles.

You will need to determine what your electricity cost is per kWh, and then you will measure how many miles you were able to travel on one full charge. You can then use this information to determine the fuel efficiency of the vehicle.

This information will be available to you when you are shopping for an EV.

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