How To Properly Dispose of Light Bulbs

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Light bulbs are a standard item in anyone’s home. They come in various shapes and sizes, emitting different types of light, depending on the bulb. While light bulbs are commonplace, many people don’t know how to properly dispose of them.

Light bulbs contain a small amount of mercury, which is a toxic metal. If light bulbs are not disposed of properly, the mercury can be released into the environment and cause health problems.

There are a few different ways to dispose of light bulbs. Let’s find out more below.

Can Energy Saving Bulbs Be Recycled?

The best way to dispose of bulbs is to recycle them. Many recycling centers will accept light bulbs and safely recycle them so that the mercury is not released into the environment.

If you can’t recycle your light bulbs, you can also dispose of them in the trash if they do not contain mercury. You will need to take a few extra steps to dispose of CFL light bulbs in an eco-friendly manner.

How To Prevent Mercury Release

Seal the light bulb in a plastic bag. This will prevent the mercury from leaking out if the light bulb breaks.

Place the light bulb in a container with a lid. This will also help to prevent the mercury from escaping if the light bulb breaks. If you still have the original container that the light bulb came in, you can use that. Otherwise, any container with a lid will do.

Label the container as containing mercury or "hazardous waste." This will ensure that anyone who comes across it knows to handle it with care and dispose of it properly.

Take the CFL light bulb to a hazardous waste facility. Do not put it in the trash. However, LED light bulbs do not contain any mercury and can be disposed of in the trash.

Are Light Bulbs Supposed To Be Recycled? 

Yes, light bulbs can be recycled. However, not all recycling centers accept them. It’s best to call ahead and ask if they do.

If you can’t recycle your light bulbs, you can also dispose of them in the trash.

Check For a Waste Collection Agency

You can check for a waste collection agency that accepts CFLs by visiting the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s website.

Go To Home Improvement Stores

Stores such as Lowes and Home Depot often have recycling programs for CFLs. Bring those old CFL light bulbs in for disposal.

Mail Them in for Recycling

You can also mail your light bulbs to a recycling company. Be sure to follow the packaging and shipping instructions carefully so that the bulbs don’t break during transit.

Disposing of Light Bulbs Should Be Handled With Care

In conclusion, the best way to dispose of light bulbs is to recycle them. You can avoid tedious disposal by using LED light bulbs, which don’t contain any mercury. If you can’t recycle your light bulbs, be sure to take extra steps to prevent the release of mercury into the environment.

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