Costliest Electric Items In Your House

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Do you ever receive your electricity bills and wonder how come it’s so high? Maybe you always think that your electricity supplier is overcharging. The reality is that they likely aren’t overcharging you, and your high electricity bills result from you running some power-hungry appliances in your home. It’s critical that you figure out the cost of running each electrical appliance you have to bring your high electricity bills under control.

What Is the Costliest Electric Appliance in Your Home? 

You can calculate the cost of running each electrical appliance you have using this formula:

(Power in watts/1000) x (cost per unit in cents) x time in hours = Cost

For example, if you own an electric iron with a 2,000-watt rating and you switch it on for two hours and the electricity costs are 15 cents per unit, how much will it cost you to use the appliance for that time? 

Power in watts is 2,000, cost per unit is 15, and time in hours is 2. Using the formulae, the cost will be:

(2000/1000) x 15 x 2 = 60 cents

Remember that your cost per unit will depend on how much your electricity supplier charges, and it can also fluctuate due to factors like inflation. 

What Appliances Cost the Most to Run? 

  • Air conditioner 

Air conditioners usually cost a lot to run because they are not always the most efficient appliances. Additionally, it can be challenging to estimate their use. This is because, depending on the weather, you might have to keep your AC unit on most of the time. However, you can make your AC unit more energy efficient by setting the temperatures between 64 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit in winter and 77 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit in summer. Keep in mind that each extra degree could cost you up to 10% more. 

  • Television

Even an extremely energy-efficient TV can significantly bump up your electricity bills throughout the year. This is because when your TV is on, it’s likely that the rest of your entertainment system is also on, which means a higher energy consumption. You can reduce the energy costs associated with running your TV by always switching off the entire entertainment system when not in use. 

  • Fridge

The bigger your fridge, the more energy it will consume and the more costly it will be to run it. This means that purchasing an appropriately sized fridge for your needs will help lower your electricity bills. If the fridge you have now is usually half empty, you should go smaller. Additionally, make sure you purchase a refrigerator with the highest Energy Star rating possible because each extra energy star will save you roughly 23% in running costs. 

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