Is It Costly To Replace A Pool Light?

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At times, you may have a few problems with your pool’s lighting system. Maybe the bulb is broken or burnt, hence necessitating the need to replace it. People can also replace pool lights specifically because they want to enhance the appearance of their pool at night. Whichever reason you have for replacing yours, you may wonder is it expensive to replace a pool light. There is no definite cost. It all depends on several factors. Here are a few aspects you need to know before replacing your pool lights.

What Is The Cost Of Replacing A Pool Light?

The price or replacing a pool light depends on several factors, including:

  • The type of pool lighting. Today there is a variety of pool lights, and each has a different price tag depending on its attributes.
  • Whether there are underground electric cables.
  • Different technicians charge differently.
  • The cost depends on whether you will call a professional or make it a DIY project. DIY projects are affordable but only effective if you have some knowledge and experience in pool lighting jobs.

With that being said, full-size LED pool lights cost around $1,000 to $1,500 installed, and smaller LED lights go for about $700 and $900 installed.

Type of Pool Light

There are many brands offering different types of pool lights. From LED lights to fiber optics, all work to increase your pool’s aesthetics. Led lights go for about $150. So, if you are replacing your pool with such light, that is the amount you might part with. The cost can also be slightly higher or lower based on the manufacturer. Most brands offer a warranty, and in a lot of cases, the cheaper the brand, the shorter time it will last.

Existing Underground Cables.

This is something else you must consider when asking how much does it cost to replace a pool light fixture. Do you have a good wiring system? If electrical cables have already been installed and they are in perfect condition, then you are good to go. You only have to buy the pool light and pay for labor. If you already have cables, it also means you cannot increase the number of pool lights. You have to stick to the original number because of the fixed wiring system. However, you can request a pool light technician to alter the existing cables, hence accommodating more pool lights.

If you do not have existing underground cables, it means you have to pay the pool for a service technician to install a new wiring system. In such cases, it may cost you more than $1,000.

How Do You Change a Pool Light Underwater?

A lot of swimming pools have underwater light. And just like any other light, with time, the bulb will burn out and need replacing. On the side of the pool, there is the light’s outer casing that can be detached, pulled out, and allow one to replace the bulb.

If you already have existing pool cables, it is not expensive to replace your pool lights. It will cost you about $100 to $150. If you are looking for a qualified company for your pool light needs, contact Duke Electric Company. We strive to provide quality services, ensuring that all your electrical needs are met.

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