How Dock Lighting Can Spruce Up Your Deck

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While dock lighting is obviously wonderful from an aesthetic standpoint, there is no shortage of benefits from a safety standpoint. By ensuring that the water’s edge remains illuminated during the nighttime hours, other boaters in the region can avoid the dock more easily. Meanwhile, those standing on the dock can see where they are going, avoiding potentially dangerous slips and falls.

So what are some of the best lighting ideas for your deck? Let’s take a closer look at the most commonly used outdoor lighting ideas and how they can spruce things up a bit.

Solar Lighting

In addition to the eco-friendly nature of this lighting, there are additional advantages for anyone who wishes to further enjoy the boating lifestyle. Since this lifestyle is typically associated with a sizable amount of work, the last thing that anyone wants is to add further concerns to their plate each day. With solar dock lights, the installation process is simple.

There’s no need to worry about a transformer or anything along those lines. In fact, the installation process usually requires no extra assistance. The electric bill will not continue to rise, and as long as the dock receives plenty of sunlight, the installation costs will eventually pay for themselves.

Lighted Edges

Lighted edges are one of the easiest ways to ensure that the dock and those standing on it remain safe. Without lighted edges, there are far more risk factors at play. Most well-kept docks will have lights around the edges, and there are reasons for that. For starters, it is important to reduce the chances of a potential misstep taking place.

Boats are at increased risk of danger when the dock is not well-lit. Low-profile lights are an excellent choice because the necessary light is provided without having to take up too much space with oversize, clunky lighting. Everyone likes a bright dock, but no one wants their dock to be overly bright, as this can pose its own dangers.

Weather Considerations

The chosen dock lights need to be able to handle the weather conditions of the dock in question. Can the dock lights handle rain and wind? These are two of the biggest questions that have to be answered before making a final decision. If the dock lights are not weatherproof, there is a good chance they will not work when they are needed most.

Lights that are not weatherproof also serve as a safety hazard, which is important to bear in mind. There could be a collision on the deck in question, or the lights could be struck by flying debris. In these instances, it will pay to have the most durable lighting available. The lights need to withstand any and all conditions that may come their way.

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