Start Looking Ahead with These Springtime Electricity Safety Tips

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It might seem like spring is far off, but it will be here before you know it. Once spring arrives, people will be spending more time outside, including children. It’s important to have conversations with your children in particular about safety around electrical equipment.

Here are a few electrical tips for spring to keep in mind and to pass on to them:

  • Check your trees: Tree branches should not be located near overhead power lines. You may need to trim back your tree if it’s getting too close to electrical wires. Climbing a tree that contacts power lines could result in the tree being energized, leading to electrical shock for people climbing it.
  • Check the weather for kites: Flying kites is a great spring and summertime tradition; however, kites should only be flown during good weather and in large, open areas such as fields or parks. When you get to the area where you will be flying a kite, inspect the area to make sure you are plenty far away from any sources of electricity. This will ensure a safe, fun time for everyone involved.
  • Avoid power lines: Do your best to avoid power lines. If something should accidentally contact any power lines in your area, you should contact your electrical utility company rather than trying to correct the issue yourself.
  • Dealing with downed wires: Springtime brings thunderstorms, tornadoes and high winds. These storms could result in downed wires in your neighborhood. If you see downed wires while you are out and about or have any down on your property, you should stay far away from the wires and call 911 to make an emergency report. The dispatcher will alert the utility. Downed wires can (and likely will) still be carrying electricity, which makes them extremely dangerous. They do not have to be sparking or arcing to be a danger to others. If there are lines down on your property, do not let children out in the yard until they’ve been cleared.
  • Keep certain tools out of reach: You should keep long-handled tools out of reach of your children so they will not use them to bat at overhead power lines.
  • Install GFCIs: All of your outdoor outlets should be ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlets. This will help you prevent the occurrence of electrical shocks. GFCIs are designed to provide greater electrical safety in areas that are exposed to higher levels of moisture, which is why they’re generally used outside and in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.
  • Avoid substations: No one should ever enter an electrical substation for any reason at all. For people who live near these substations, it is crucial to ensure you and your children keep your distance. This is true even if a pet wanders in or if you lose a toy over the fence. Instead, call the service that runs the station for assistance.

For more springtime electricity safety tips, contact the team at Duke Electric Company today.

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