Does Recessed Lighting Increase Home Value?

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There are all kinds of options out there for homeowners who are interested in increasing their home value. One of the best ways to do this while boosting aesthetic appeal and improving functionality in a home is by investing in lighting upgrades. If you’re thinking about investing in recessed lighting to increase your home’s value, keep reading to learn more about how this kind of project affects the value of a home and how to maximize the benefits.

Why choose recessed lighting?

Many homeowners don’t realize just how much of a difference lighting can have on the look, feel and atmosphere of a space, but the reality is that a change in lighting can completely transform a room. Recessed lighting is lighting that is installed in an opening in the ceiling. Unlike hanging lighting fixtures, recessed lighting doesn’t hang down from the ceiling, and is instead flush with the ceiling. Recessed lighting is a very popular choice because it makes a room look sleek and clean and creates additional space by removing obstructive fixtures that hang overhead.

Another benefit of recessed lighting is that it makes rooms appear brighter by maximizing the effects of the lighting. With most traditional ceiling fixtures, there is a single source of lighting in each room. With recessed lighting, there are typically several sources of lighting in a single room. All those sources of light create a much brighter atmosphere. Recessed lighting is particularly useful in the kitchen, where it’s important to have plenty of illumination while cooking and prepping recipes.

How recessed lighting boosts home value

The quality of recessed lighting makes spaces look brighter and more open, which can be big selling points for potential buyers. Another reason why recessed lighting is so popular is that it gives potential buyers a completely clean slate. There are lots of different preferences when it comes to lighting fixtures, and some buyers might not like way certain fixtures look. For buyers who aren’t looking for a big project, traditional fixtures can be off-putting.

Recessed lighting is an increasingly popular lighting option that’s in high demand among prospective home buyers because of how it improves the appearance and atmosphere of indoor spaces. Because of the popularity of recessed lighting, it can boost home value significantly. In many cases, the value added by investing in recessed lighting can completely offset the cost of installing it.

Increase home value with recessed lighting

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