How to Plan Lighting for a Commercial Building

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When a customer first visits your building, “lighting” probably isn’t the first thing they’d list on a survey of desirable qualities—but it can have a surprisingly significant impact on how they perceive and experience your business. When you’re considering commercial lighting design, it’s important that you put plenty of thought into the process (or hire designers who will). Knowing how to light a commercial property will help guide a customer’s potential mood, emotion, perception of your business and more. It may even encourage them to spend more time or money in your space.

Here are our best tips for planning your commercial building’s lighting design.

Go green for the environment—and your pocketbook

There’s a huge push toward green construction and infrastructure these days. Part of that is because climate change has triggered some unpleasant weather affects across the globe—and the other part is that powering your building can be downright expensive. When you’re considering a commercial lighting plan, make sure you go green. Not only will power-saving LEDs and smart lighting systems save you some money, they’re also easier on the environment. Any business owner can be proud of that goal.

Consider smart lighting

Smart lighting is another good way to save energy and be kinder to our environment. Depending on the kind of system you choose, your lights can be set to only go on when someone is in the room, and shut off automatically when they leave. When you operate a major, busy building like a college, public office or other commercial space, automatic lighting can save thousands over the course of a year. Better still, you can set specific times during which certain lights are on, which makes it easier to provide a safe, well-lit environment for everyone who visits.

Code compliance

Here’s another thing to remember when you’re planning your commercial building’s lighting system: code compliance. Working with a local, skilled electrician will help ensure your building’s lighting is up to code. They’ll also help make sure the lights are energy efficient, safe and easy to operate.

Don’t neglect your outdoor lighting

You’re probably focused on indoor lighting, but your outdoor spaces need some attention, too. Outdoor lighting is one of the most important ways you can make visitors feel safe. Would you prefer to visit a dark, unlit building in the evening or early morning hours, or would you rather go into a well-lit landscape that clearly shows no one is lurking around to accost you? Most people would prefer the latter, and it’s easy to make that happen for them.

Ask your electrician to help you plan for outdoor lighting, whether it’s floodlights, LED strips or other accoutrement. Most electricians will also be able to tell you whether they think you’ll need additional outlets or lighting for special events and other power-heavy occurrences.

For more information about planning lighting for your commercial building, get in touch with Duke Electric Company today to schedule a consultation. We’ll be happy to help you and will make sure your commercial lighting design is everything you need.

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