The Importance of Safe Emergency Generator Installation

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Following the severity of several winter storms this past February, sales of generators have skyrocketed across the country. According to PRNewswire, the generator sales market could be worth as much as $26.5 billion by 2026.

In these uncertain times, people are buying home generators in Forsyth County, GA as safeguards against power outages. But because of the power of these devices and their numerous intricacies, there’s now a need for emergency generator installation.

While you could install your home generator yourself, you’d be better served to leave that task to the professionals. Here’s why.

Correct sizing

If you’re not an electrician and have never purchased a home generator before, it can be difficult to know what the appropriate size and voltage output for your generator should be. A professional would know what factors into the size of each generator and can help you select one perfect for your home.

Best location

You may know your way around your home and yard, but knowing where to put something like a generator is another story. An emergency home generator installation must be performed on a solid and flat surface outside of your home. This means that setting it on grass won’t work. It’s possible you might need a concrete or gravel pad installed, which is something that would likely require the help of professionals.

Using the right fuel source

There’s a litany of fuel options for your generator. You can use natural gas, diesel, gasoline, propane or even solar energy. Your budget and where you live might impact which fuel source you choose to use, but having a professional on hand that is able to explain the pros and cons of each fuel source would help you to make the decision.

Professional experience and expertise

The most important reason you should let professionals handle your emergency generator installation is because of the skills and knowledge that they have in their field. If you’re not a mechanic, you wouldn’t try to install an engine in a car, and installing a generator is just as complicated.

The amount of power being generated, the amount of wiring that is required and the number of lines that need to be hooked up or even laid mean that a home generator should not be treated as a DIY project.


Any mistake made when installing a generator could lead to anything from having the generator fail to a gas leak to a power outage. Because generators aren’t cheap and they are usually only meant for emergencies, it is paramount that they be installed properly so that they can perform their desired function when necessary.

Trying to save money by installing a generator yourself would be unwise when the cost is the safety of you and your family. Let those with professional experience handle the installation process, so you can rest easy the next time a storm rolls around.

Call us for your home generator installation needs

You now know how important it is to have your emergency generator installed safely in Forsyth County, GA. If you do decide to invest in a generator, give us a call at Duke Electric Co. We’re the industry experts with the skills and experience to take care of all your electrical needs.

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