The Effects of Your Air Conditioner on Your Electrical System

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Your air conditioner and your electrical system work in unison to send cool air through your home. Since the weather is getting warmer, you’ll likely be using your air conditioner much more than usual. This will put an extra strain on your AC unit, and thus your electrical system. Too much strain on an electrical system could cause major issues and result in the need for expensive repairs. Read on to learn about the ways your AC unit might be affecting your electrical system.

Common issues with air conditioners and electrical systems

Over time, air conditioners may require repairs that need an electrician to fully address. For example, electrical panel issues caused by air conditioners sometimes require repairs, and only a professional will be able to handle them appropriately. As mentioned above, the summer heat brings about extended use of air conditioners. While it might be tempting to run your air conditioner at full blast all day, this can sometimes overload your circuit breaker. It’s usually easy to fix a tripped circuit breaker, though you’ll still probably want to contact an electrician to check for further issues.

Electrical wires in your air conditioning unit can also experience damage over time. If you’ve noticed damage to these wires, it’s important to contact a professional right away. You should never try and deal with wiring problems on your own.

Understanding the voltage needs of air conditioners

One of the best ways to avoid issues with your electrical system is by understanding the voltage requirements of your air conditioner. Most homes feature a central air conditioning unit designed to keep the entire house cool. For the most part, these types of units require a 220-volt or 240-volt circuit. This voltage can vary greatly depending on the size and model of your air conditioning unit, however. If you’re unsure about the voltage requirements of your central cooling unit, contact the manufacturer.

Some homes and apartments feature a smaller window air conditioning unit as their main cooling system. The voltage requirements for these systems are much smaller than central AC units, at around 110 to 120 volts. Again, this can vary depending on the size of your window air conditioner.

How air conditioner issues can affect your home

Electrical issues involving your air conditioner could greatly affect your home. For one thing, your home may not cool down as quickly (or at all) if your air conditioner isn’t working correctly. You especially don’t want your air conditioner working inefficiently during the height of summer. In some places, it’s impossible to beat the high temperatures of summer, no matter how many fans you’ve got running.

Electrical issues caused by air conditioners could also increase your energy bill. If your air conditioner is running inefficiently due to electrical issues, it’ll take more power to cool your home. This increased power usage will cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Avoid this by taking care of any needed air conditioner repairs or maintenance as soon as possible.

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