Benefits of Recessed Lighting

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Your home’s lighting makes a big impact on its design, comfort and functionality. There are dozens of lighting fixtures to choose from, but recessed interior lighting is quite popular in Forsyth County, GA. These lights are set into the ceiling, so you get custom ambient lighting without a large fixture.

Here are some of the benefits of recessed lighting, so you can decide if it’s right for your home or office design:

  • Great for low ceilings: If your building has low ceilings, you probably don’t have room for hanging light fixtures. On the other hand, overhead lighting makes it much easier to see. Recessed lighting is the perfect solution to this problem. You’ll still get plenty of clear overhead light without hanging fixtures that can emphasize the low ceilings. In turn, this will make the rooms seem bigger.
  • More coverage area: Recessed lighting also offers more coverage than a single hanging light fixture. Instead of using a central fixture with several bulbs, you can space out the recessed lights so every corner of your room is well lit. This is particularly helpful in kitchens and living rooms, but some homeowners enjoy recessed lighting in bedrooms, bathrooms and even their closets.
  • Focused lighting: You can use recessed lights to highlight certain areas of your home, or provide extra light where you need it most. For example, some people use recessed lighting to illuminate art pieces or other focal points. Others might use recessed lighting under kitchen cabinets so they’ll have better lighting for cooking and other tasks.
  • No need for a bulky fixture: Sometimes a hanging light fixture (or a lamp) simply does not fit into your aesthetic. You can ditch the fixtures by using recessed lighting. It’ll preserve the clean lines around your ceiling while still providing plenty of light. For example, you might consider installing recessed lighting over your shower—this is one place you definitely do not want a hanging fixture!
  • Customize your trim and interior: Many home and business owners assume that all recessed lights are essentially the same, but there’s more variety than you might think. By customizing the exterior trim and interior shell, you can create different lighting and visual effects. For example, a mirrored interior will reflect more ambient light around the room. The trim can also be used to make the lights stand out or blend in with your ceiling.

Of course, recessed lighting isn’t for every home, office or even room. If you don’t want to cut multiple holes in your ceiling, you should avoid this lighting scheme. The other drawback is that recessed lights are unidirectional—you can’t point them toward certain areas like you could with track lighting. Instead, you’ll need to install multiple lights throughout the room. If you’re using the lights to highlight design elements, they’ll probably need to stay in the same place.

Recessed lighting is a great option in Forsyth County, GA. If you’ve decided it’s right for you, call Duke Electric Co. today to learn more about how we can help with the design and installation process.

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