Spring Electrical Safety Tips

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Spring is almost here, and that means the air conditioners and fans will be running full blast soon. Before you start using all those high-energy devices, check out these electrical safety tips to make sure your Forsyth County, GA home is safe and ready for spring.

Spring cleaning electrical maintenance

When the time comes to do some spring cleaning in Forsyth County, GA, take the opportunity to check some of the electrical features of your home. This can help prevent any minor issues from developing into major problems, and can uncover problems that may even cause a fire if left unchecked.

Check the electrical outlets to make sure they’re all snug against the wall. If they’re loose, tighten the screws that hold them against the wall. Be sure to replace any broken or missing wall plates.

If you’re using extension cords, check to make sure they haven’t been damaged and aren’t showing any nicks or cuts exposing the wire inside. Try to route them away from high-traffic areas in the home, and try to avoid leaving them underneath rugs. An important outdoor power safety tip in Forsyth County, GA is to make sure any extension cords being used outdoors are rated for outdoor use—otherwise, they will not hold up against weather and water.

Make sure you aren’t overloading outlets with too many items. If you have a bunch of electrical devices plugged into one outlet, especially if some of them are high-energy devices like air conditioners or heaters, you may end up shorting out the outlet.

Finally, how long has that fire extinguisher been in your kitchen? Check any fire extinguishers in your home to make sure they haven’t expired, because you definitely don’t want to find out when you need it that it should have been replaced last year.

Charging safety

We all have to charge our phones, tablets, computers and other devices these days. While these devices are all regulated for safety, that doesn’t mean they’re 100 percent safe in every situation. Here are some electrical safety tips for charging your devices in Forsyth County, GA.

Keep charging items away from flammable objects and materials. Even if your device doesn’t get super-hot when charging, it will still generate some heat. For this reason, it’s also a good idea to avoid placing your charging device where heat can get trapped, like a drawer or a box.

Don’t charge your device near water. Even if your phone is water resistant, it’s still connected to a power source when it’s charging. You wouldn’t turn the toaster on right next to the sink while doing dishes, right? Think of your phone in the same way.

Make sure to use only certified chargers and cables. Yes, they might cost a little more, but certified cables are an absolute must for safely charging devices. This ensures they are the right wattage and constructed properly to avoid electrical shortages and overheating, which could lead to fires.

For more electrical safety tips and for all your electrical needs in Forsyth County, GA, contact Duke Electric Co. today.

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