Outdoor Lighting Tips for Spring

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We’ve all been spending a lot more time outdoors recently, even at each other’s homes. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because when the weather’s nice, there’s really nothing like a good backyard gathering. At least nobody has to take their shoes off!

Just because we’re still social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t still be hospitable outdoors. Now that spring is right around the corner, you might want to consider sprucing up your outdoor space in Forsyth County, GA with landscape lighting to enjoy yourself and for any guests that might drop by.

There are actually a lot of different ways to light up an outdoor space beyond the standard backyard flood light. From lights that are strung overhead to glowing shapes placed on the ground, here are some ideas for outdoor lighting in Forsyth County, GA.

String lights

String lights have evolved way beyond just Christmas decorations. There are several varieties of string lights available these days in lengths of 10 feet to 100 feet and beyond to illuminate your outdoor space in an elegant and interesting way that’s appropriate to leave up all year long.

String lights, also called bistro lights, are a great way to light up the yard. It can even feel like you’re dining at a restaurant! Look for commercial-grade lights that will be more weather resistant and longer lasting. Add a dimmer switch for even more options to customize the ambience of your outdoor lighting.

Globe lights are another type of string light commonly used for outdoor lighting. These bulbs are typically larger than bistro lights and always round, like a globe (hence the name). They offer a classic, timeless look that will fit a wide range of spaces.

Area lights

Sometimes you only need to light up a certain area, or highlight some interesting features of your outdoor space. Just like string lights, landscape lighting in Forsyth County, GA comes in many different forms that can be used in a variety of ways.

LED mini lights may not look like much on their own, but bunch them together and you’ll have an effective lighting solution for a tree, shrub or seating area. These can be strung out or clustered together for different visual effects. They are lightweight enough to be placed anywhere from the grass to the trees.

Shape lights like cubes and orbs can provide a sculptural effect as well as illumination. These LED-powered lights are often water resistant and can be a stunning feature to add around a pool or outdoor spa.

Special effects

If you are looking for a real eye-catcher, consider projection lights. These don’t always provide the most illumination, but they create a stunning visual effect and can be customized to project different shapes or to move in different ways, and can be set to several different colors (even changing colors).

Of course, you can also combine any of these lighting styles for a unique effect in your outdoor space. For more information about outdoor lighting or landscape lighting in Forsyth County, GA, contact Duke Electric Co. today.

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