How to Know if Your Home or Commercial Building Needs to Be Rewired

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Problems with a wiring system are difficult to address because they’re often out of sight and out of mind. This is why many homes don’t receive the electrical rewiring they need. Call a local electrician in Forsyth County, GA if your home or business exhibits signs of a faulty electrical system. They will have the expertise to conduct a whole building rewiring if necessary.

Damaged and overheating sockets

Some signs that you need electrical rewiring are more apparent than others. A dead giveaway is when your sockets frequently overheat or trip the circuit breaker. These indicate the electrical system is allowing too much current to flow through the wires. You might even notice black singe marks on the outside of the sockets and a burning smell.

Tripped circuits are a sign that your home is at risk for a house fire. Electrical systems automatically shut down to prevent wires from melting and reaching dangerously high temperatures. If sockets are hot to the touch or releasing smoke, call the fire department right away, then schedule an inspection with your Forsyth County, GA electrician.

Poor insulation

The electrical system itself might not be the issue. Older homes often suffer from damaged insulation, which increases the risk of house fires. Houses and buildings that were constructed many decades ago might contain flammable types of insulation that have since gone out of production. In this case, electricians suggest new insulation and a whole building rewire.

Outdated electrical system

The materials in wiring can pose a danger to your home. In the 1960s and 1970s, electricians installed aluminum wires in millions of homes. This practice was quickly ended when researchers discovered that aluminum increases the chance of fire. Check when your home was constructed and have a Forsyth County, GA electrician inspect the wires if you suspect they contain aluminum.

Older homes usually need an electrical rewiring because they’re not designed to handle the demands of modern technology. Decades ago, the only devices plugged into sockets were a toaster, lamps, a landline and maybe a television set. Today, we use all those electronics—except maybe the landline—plus technology that didn’t exist back then like cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles and desktop computers. Outdated electrical systems will frequently short circuit unless they receive a whole building rewire.

Flickering lights

A flickering light doesn’t always mean the bulb is loose. Complicated issues with the electrical system could be at play, especially if swapping out light bulbs proves futile. What’s more likely the problem is that a wire has gotten loose, not the light bulb. This means the light fixture can’t properly access the electrical current. An electrician can get behind the power outlet and fix whatever is causing the loose connection.

When it comes to your home’s or business’s electrical system, one minor inconvenience is often a sign of a much larger problem. Even if you haven’t observed these warning signs, everyone should arrange regular inspections with the team at Duke Electric Co. A fire hazard could be lurking behind the wall without your knowing it!

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