Is LED Lighting Better for the Office?

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Business owners in Forsyth County, GA too often settle for the traditional light fixtures that have always been part of their office space. What they don’t realize is that incandescent bulbs are secretly hindering office productivity. After reading these benefits of LED lighting, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the switch sooner!

Improve productivity

The main benefit of LED lighting is that it improves overall employee satisfaction with their workplace environment. Studies have shown that lights with a higher color rendering index (CRI) increase office productivity. CRI refers to how closely artificial light fixtures resemble sunlight. LED lights have a higher CRI than traditional incandescent bulbs, prompting many business owners to make the switch.

LED lights increase office productivity because they create a more pleasant atmosphere. They brighten a room more efficiently than incandescent bulbs, and won’t dim over time. While mercury-based lights tire out the eyes, LEDs cut down on glare and help workers see objects more clearly. Such features are necessary in order to motivate and keep employees focused throughout the day.

Save money

One of the leading reasons why business owners in Forsyth County, GA are switching to LED lights is because they significantly increase the annual return on investment. The average incandescent bulb lasts only 1,000 hours, while a single LED fixture produces a staggering 50,000 hours’ worth of light. Businesses will save money by having to replace LED lights much less often.

LEDs also have a significantly lower heat output compared to traditional lighting. You may not realize it, but those incandescent bulbs are flooding the office space with heat and hiking up your monthly bills. Bulbs that produce excessive heat make the air conditioner work hard to maintain a consistent internal temperature. Thus, switching to LEDs will reduce your energy costs.

LED lights operate with substantially less energy than incandescent or mercury-filled bulbs. Research shows that LEDs reduce energy usage by up to 70 percent because they more effectively convert electricity into light. Unlike their incandescent counterparts, LEDs require zero warmup time and have built in smart technology that allows you to adjust the brightness.

Protect your safety

LEDs are a lot more durable than traditional light fixtures. The LED light is housed in a shatterproof plastic casing that can withstand significant fall damage. While no one likes to imagine the worst-case scenario, LED lighting is a smart investment given the off chance that a fixture becomes loose and falls from the ceiling.

LED lights also emit lower UV ray levels. Too many businesses overlook this crucial factor, often believing that workers only have to worry about UV rays from the sun. The truth is that working indoors doesn’t entirely shield you from this type of radiation. Purchasing lights from an LED supplier in Forsyth County, GA will protect employees from the chronic health effects of UV rays.

As you can see, these benefits of LED lighting and more are why business owners are upgrading the light fixtures in their office spaces. Improve productivity and energy efficiency by getting in touch with the experts at Duke Electric Co. Our commercial services include replacing traditional bulbs with LED lights so employees can better enjoy their workplace.

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