Important Qualities to Look for When Choosing an Electrician

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Deciding on an electrician is a little more involved than Googling “best electricians in Forsyth County, GA” and picking the first result you see. (Or at least, it should be!) When you research contractors, it’s important to ensure they’re fully licensed, trained and able to do the job you need. However, there are some other important qualities that indicate you’ll get great service and long-lasting results. Here’s what to look for when you need to choose an electrician:

  • Reliability: The number one quality an electrician needs is reliability: contractors who show up when they say they will and can tackle a wide variety of electrical issues. You should feel confident that when you schedule an appointment, your electrician will show up on time and be ready to get the job done. This is especially crucial, since electrical issues can spark fires.
  • Communication: Sometimes an electrical problem looks like one issue, and turns out to be another. Other times, solving one problem can highlight a need for other repairs. These are just two situations in which your electrician’s communication skills are paramount. At minimum, they should make an effort to explain what’s happening, how it can be solved and what you can expect to pay. If there are delays and issues, you want to be notified immediately, rather than being kept in the dark (literally).
  • Attention to detail: You need an electrician who takes their time to examine a problem and go through all the potential solutions or implications. This requires attention to detail—not just someone who will breeze through repairs and inspections.
  • Ability to solve problems: Electrical work requires a certain set of problem-solving skills, from simple to complex. When you’re researching online, look for reviews that indicate an electrician is experienced, confident and knowledgeable—someone who can assess a situation and determine how to proceed. And, of course, results matter—a good electrician’s reviews will be positive overall.
  • Excellent business procedures: Your electricians not only need to know how to repair problems, but how to run their business properly. That includes keeping track of time, appointments, invoices, inventory and strategic planning. If you don’t feel confident in your electrical contractor’s business practices, you should look elsewhere.
  • Good time management: We’ve all had experiences where a contractor or delivery person told us they’d arrive during a certain window, only to find ourselves waiting another three or four hours. Not only is that bad for business, but it shows bad time management skills. When you’re researching electricians, look for reviews that indicate whether the company showed up on time and completed their repairs in a timely manner. Accidents and unforeseen circumstances happen, but if it seems like a consistent pattern, move on to the next company.

Whether you use online searches, word of mouth or ads in the local paper, look for electricians who demonstrate the above skills. It’ll help ensure great results.

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