Halloween Decorating Safety Tips

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Halloween is right around the corner, and although the global pandemic might have changed many of our trick-or-treating plans, that doesn’t mean we can’t decorate in the spooky spirit. When you’re decorating for the holiday, it’s important to follow electrical safety practices in Forsyth County, GA. People are getting into Halloween like never before, including themed lights, animatronic figures and even inflatable yard decorations. Go all out—but make sure you’re not risking damaging your home in an electrical fire.

One key thing to do before you start decorating is determine decoration placement, as well as potential tripping or fire hazards. Make sure to keep your outdoor décor away from dry leaves and grass, and don’t overload your circuits. Route wires away from steps, walkways and doors.

Here’s how to address the major electrical hazards when decorating your home for the holiday:

  • Exterior lights: The most important thing to remember when you’re hanging holiday lights is to check to make sure they are designed to be used outdoors. Exterior lights are designed to be weatherproof, whereas indoor lights can short circuit when exposed to rain and other inclement weather.
  • Projectors or light shows: Projectors and light show devices have become increasingly popular over the last few years. When using these in your yard, be mindful of where you put the projector: they’re dark and can prevent a tripping hazard, while your guests’ attention will be focused on the area where you’re projecting the images. You can always solve this problem by placing visible decorations nearby, like plastic pumpkins. That will alert your guests to the projector’s presence where they might not have noticed it before. Another option would be to get an interior projector that lights up the windows.
  • Inflatables: Inflatable decorations rely on an air pump to keep them inflated at night, which requires an electrical connection. Make sure to keep them away from trees and places where kids congregate. Try to keep them as close to your electrical outlet as possible, and keep the cords out of the way so no one trips.
  • Moving décor: If you get any decorations that move on their own, try to keep them away from walkways and other places where they could startle children and cause them to trip. You’ll also need to keep an eye on them when they’re plugged in—kids are naturally attracted to these big toys, and could accidentally break the decoration or short-circuit the cord without realizing it.
  • Working with extension cords: Finally, your décor is probably going to require some extension cords. Never connect two extension cords together, as that is a fire hazard. You may need to move some decorations closer to the outlet for safe operation.

Halloween is a great time to break out the decorations, and if you take all the necessary precautions, your home will be both spooky and safe.

For more information about safe electrical holiday decorating in Forsyth County, GA, call Duke Electric Co. right away. We look forward to helping you ensure your home is safe this fall!

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