Five Home Electrical Safety Tips

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Even if you consider yourself a seasoned DIY-er, you probably know by now that electricity is pretty advanced stuff. It can be hard to work with –and even harder to trust yourself to work with it – but that doesn’t mean you should ignore any issues with it around your home. There are a number of things you’ll want to keep an eye on, and as always, you should be prepared to call the team at Duke Electric Co. if you need local electricians in Forsyth County, GA. Our experienced technicians are ready to help you with any number of electrical issues that you might have.

Here are some suggestions to help you avoid dangerous electrical emergencies in your home:

  • Avoid extension cords: We know, we know – they’re very convenient, and they can really help you out in a pinch. The appeal of extension cords is obvious, but they’re actually not a great idea in most home situations. They present a number of safety hazards, as they can cause people to trip and fall if they’re not properly secured. They can also cause damage to your electrical system, and plugs being yanked from walls in this manner can lead to you having to call for local electricians in Forsyth County, GA to make repairs.
  • Watch out for water: Water and electricity is one of the most dangerous combinations that can exist around a home. Water conducts electricity, so if you find yourself coming into contact with this mixture, then chances are, you’re going to get a nasty surprise. Keep on top of spills, leaks and other sources of excess moisture to make sure you’re mitigating any chance of a water-and-electricity mishap around your home.
  • Protect your kids: Children are very curious, which is a wonderful thing to see, at least most of the time. Learning how to play with a new toy or learning how to read – there’s almost nothing more satisfying to watch. However, this curiosity should be tempered when it comes to electricity. Kids can easily hurt themselves around outlets and appliances, so be sure you’re covering outlets with child-resistant safety caps and tidying up loose cables, as well as tucking them out of reach.
  • Replace or repair damaged cords: If you find your cords and cables are getting worn, that’s a sign they need to be replaced soon. Protective coating being scraped or shaved off can create a serious safety hazard if left unaddressed, so be sure to call a local electrician in Forsyth County, GA to help mitigate this problem.
  • Don’t overload outlets: You need to make sure you’re not plugging too many devices into the same outlet – you’re not only risking a blown fuse, but you might even be risking a fire. If you’re not sure whether your outlets are overloaded, it might be a good idea to call and get the experts’ opinion.

Electricity is serious business, but managing it safely is just a matter of diligence and respect for its potential. At Duke Electric Co., we’re proud to be your local partners when it comes to electricity. Give us a call or visit us any time and we’ll be happy to talk more with you.

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