Wondering What to Do with Your Broken Christmas Lights? We Can Help

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When figuring out the best way to dispose of old or broken Christmas lights, it is important to be aware of potential environmental concerns. Older Christmas lights that you have been reusing for many years, for example, could be releasing mercury into the atmosphere, as compact fluorescent lightbulbs were commonly used before the shift to LED bulbs.

Whether your lights are still working or not, they can almost always be recycled or repurposed, as opposed to throwing them away and taking up unnecessary resources and space in local landfills. Fortunately, local electricians in Forsyth County, GA are here with this guide to tell you more about some of the easiest ways to recycle both functioning and broken Christmas lights.

Where to recycle

When looking for a place to recycle your Christmas lights in person, keep local organic grocery stores that have recycling centers in mind. These stores will gladly accept hard-to-recycle items, Christmas lights included, and will eventually pass them on to be recycled in many unique ways.

If your Christmas lights are still in good operational condition, you can also consider continuing to keep and use them until you can’t anymore. In addition to helping ease the strain on the environment, you will also be able to save yourself a little bit of money during a time of year when spending habits increase. If you already have too many strands of working lights or you are simply interested in updating your decorations for the next holiday season, you can also inquire with local thrift stores to see what they might accept.

Mail-in recycling

There are also several mail-in recycling services that can help you get rid of your old lights when you don’t have time to drop them off in person. Christmas Light Source and Holiday LEDs work with recycling companies to reuse the copper, glass and plastic contained in Christmas lights, and allow you to mail in your lights during most times of the year.

Local waste management services

When the holiday season ends, you and many others on your street will be in the same position, looking for safe ways to properly dispose of your Christmas lights. Because this will likely be the case across countless neighborhoods each year, some municipalities may allow you to recycle your working and broken lights directly through the city’s solid waste offices. They may either schedule a day to come and collect your lights, or will be able to direct you to the drop-off location nearest your home.

Here at Duke Electric Co. it is our mission to make sure you are informed about the best ways to dispose of electrical components safely and responsibly, which is not as straightforward as it may seem. Knowing the dangers that improper disposal of these electrical components can present, our local electricians in Forsyth County, GA can help you find solutions that will keep your family safe, while simultaneously helping to protect the environment. Give us a call today for more tips on the best ways to dispose of your used holiday lights.

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