Spring Landscape Lighting Inspiration for Your Outdoor Space

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Your landscaping makes a big difference in the curb appeal of your property, and spring is the perfect time to make improvements to landscaping features. Even seemingly small changes, like new exterior lighting in Forsyth County, GA, can make a big difference when it comes to the functionality and style of your landscaping. Keep reading for some inspiration to help you plan spring landscaping improvements.

There are lots of things that can improve the appeal and functionality of your landscaping without breaking the bank. Here are a few different ways to improve your landscaping with exterior lighting in Forsyth County, GA:

  • Uplighting: Uplighting is a great way to highlight specific features or plants in your yard. Strategically placed uplighting can be used to illuminate a tall tree, the side of your home or a hardscaping feature. Uplighting comes in different colors and gives you the freedom to customize your lighting depending on the atmosphere you want to achieve in your yard.
  • Lanterns: Lanterns can add a sophisticated, romantic look to an outdoor space. Not only are lanterns stylish and appealing, they are also very versatile, since they can be moved around as needed. There are also different lighting options for lanterns, including soft lighting and LEDs, giving you the option to switch out bulbs depending on the kind of lighting you want for your space.
  • String lighting: String lighting is easy to put up and adds great lighting to any outdoor space. String up lighting around your deck or patio to create the perfect, softly-lit space for entertaining guests. Like many other outdoor lighting options, there are lots of different types of string lighting to choose from. From small yellow bulbs to larger multicolor orbs, you have plenty of options to select based on your desired look and atmosphere.
  • Illuminated features: Strip lights in planters, flower boxes or around trees and shrubs allow you to illuminate distinct features in your yard while providing soft, ambient lighting for your outdoor space. Strip lighting can also be added to furniture for even more versatile illumination of your deck or patio.
  • Water lighting: If you have a water feature, like a pond or a fountain, you might consider adding some decorative lighting to illuminate it at night. There are lots of different water lighting choices out there, including basic colors and shades, as well as multi-colored and color-changing options. Even just a few water lights can create a beautiful aquatic atmosphere in your backyard.

Exterior lighting in Forsyth County, GA

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