Seven Tips for Safe Exterior Lighting

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The right outdoor lighting can provide a boost to both the curb appeal and the safety of your property. Electrical work must be handled with care, though, and this becomes even more important when dealing with lighting on the exterior of your home. Fortunately, your local electrical specialists are here to help with the following outdoor electrical tips in Forsyth, GA for safe exterior lighting:

  • Outdoor-rated fixtures: There are varying degrees of ratings for outdoor lighting fixtures, but any time you are using electricity outside you will first need to make sure that the power source is designed for that type of use. Any type of outdoor lighting you use must be weatherproof, and suitable for wet conditions.
  • Bulbs for outdoor use: Similarly, all of the bulbs that are used in exterior fixtures must be rated for outdoor use. Not only will this help to ensure that all of your outdoor lighting is safe to use, but these light bulbs will also last much longer than a standard bulb would in the same fixture.
  • Use the correct wattage: Just as you have to pay attention to the wattage of the bulbs you use with indoor fixtures, the same must be done when lighting the exterior of your home. When light bulb wattage is too high for a fixture, damage to the insulation of the wires can result, which can become even more precarious when dealing with fixtures that are constantly exposed to moisture and varying temperatures.
  • Use the right extension cord: Outdoor extension cords are reinforced with additional insulation to provide advanced protection against the elements, and are the only types of extension cords that should be used when setting up temporary outdoor electrical
  • Watch out for flammables: As you are decorating your home for various holidays throughout the year, be mindful of layout and arrangement, and keep flammable items far away from any of your other decorations that may be using electricity.
  • Outdoor outlets: When using temporary outdoor electricity, make sure to plug the cords into outdoor outlets instead of running them from inside. These outlets should remain covered when not in use, and the receptacle itself must also be rated for outdoor use to ensure it will be able to withstand damp and even freezing conditions.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupter protection: GFCI circuit breakers help prevent electrical disasters by shutting off the circuit when an imbalance between the incoming and outgoing currents is detected. If your outdoor receptacles are not connected to a GFCI circuit, a weather-resistant GFCI outlet installation will be needed.

Whether you want to boost the look of your home with well thought out and designed landscape lighting or you need pathway lighting for added security, the team at Duke Electric Co. is the one to call to handle your outdoor electrical needs in Forsyth, GA. When done well, exterior lighting can create a truly beautiful and luxurious look for your entire property, and you can rely on our team of fully-licensed electricians to upgrade your property with purposeful, stunning outdoor lighting. To elevate the look of your property to the next level, call us today to learn more and schedule a consultation.

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