What Tips Should I Keep in Mind When Decorating for the Holidays?

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Stringing up lights for the holiday season may be the one chore than homeowners coast to coast look forward to each year. We labor over the garden, and we delay cleaning the house, but when the time comes to add a festive touch to our homes, we can’t wait to pull out the ladder and start planning the perfect holiday light setup.

Before you dive in, however, remember to keep safety in mind as you go about your holiday decoration. After all, if you’re injured or there’s a fire, it won’t be a very happy holiday at all.

Follow these simple tips so you don’t have to call in an emergency electrician in Forsyth County, GA.

Read the safety labels

No matter how many times you’ve strung up lights, it never hurts to take five minutes out of your day to reacquaint yourself with the safety instructions. You might even discover (or rediscover) some tips to help you make your holiday even brighter and safer.

Water is the enemy

In the winter, when the weather is notoriously wet and icy, it’s essential to protect your lights from snow and rain. That’s why it’s crucial to use electrical cables that are designed for outdoor use and make sure that your electrical connections—either outlet-to-outlet or outlet-to-socket—are elevated above the ground and secure from the elements.

Tape down any loose wires

This isn’t a tip that requires an electrician in Forsyth County, GA, but it’s a good idea to tape down wires, especially when they’re snaking across a walking path. This simple step can prevent nasty falls during a time of year when traction is especially precious.

Test before you hang

Be sure to plug in every string of lights you intend to put up to ensure they are functional. If you notice any burnt-out bulbs, be sure to unplug the string of lights first, then replace the malfunctioning bulbs.

Don’t put too much stress on outlets and extension cords

Nobody wants to have the neighborhood’s most lackluster light show, but be careful about plugging too many strings of lights into one extension cord or outlet. A high-quality outdoor surge protector might be worth the investment if you’re determined to put on a grand display.

Put your faith in Duke Electric Co.

In the weeks leading up to prime decoration time, consider enlisting the services of a talented electrician in Forsyth County, GA. You never know how much use a knowledgeable pro can be when your goal is to enjoy a happy, safe, light-filled holiday season.

When it comes to reliable pros in Georgia, no one compares to Duke Electric Co. For more than 50 years, our master-level electricians have offered the region’s premier electrical service. We do it all—wiring on new construction, pathway lighting, electrical maintenance, pool lighting and so much more. Residential or commercial, no job is too tough for the team at Duke Electric Co. Call today to learn more or schedule service—we can’t wait to help you!

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