Five Benefits of Installing Security Lighting

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New lighting can do a lot for both home aesthetics and safety, but is exterior lighting installation worth it? Here are five reasons why you should call an outdoor electrician in Forsyth County, GA to install security lighting around you home:

  • Provides safety: One of the most obvious reasons why homeowners have security lights is for personal safety. Never overlook risks to the safety of your family and property, be it accidental injury to yourself or uninvited people or animals causing injury to you. In fact, accidental injury is among the leading causes of death in the United States. With quality outdoor lighting, you can avoid a lot of hazardous situations around your property. Simply use lights to illuminate driveways, pathways, yards, steps, patios and more to reduce the likelihood of injury.
  • Improves security: You should always feel safe in your own home, but it’s hard to not think about the potential threat of burglaries and theft. Luckily, there’s something you can do to improve your security: install security lighting all around the exterior of your house. Make sure every corner lights up, as lights make it much more difficult for criminals to break into your home unnoticed by you or your neighbors. For an even greater benefit, choose lighting with timers or motion sensors to catch intruders off guard, no matter the time of night.
  • Enhances outdoor experience: Your new outdoor security lights can also enhance your outdoor entertaining areas. Lights add ambience and warmth, while at the same time shining a light on walkways to help your guests move about safely. Functional lighting can double as accent lighting, which is likely to set a mood that’s perfect for nighttime socializing. If you want security lights that also work well for evening entertaining, let your outdoor electrician know so he or she can show you some options.
  • Boosts property value: Like upgrading other aspects of your home and property, installing exterior security lighting is a worthwhile investment. Proper installation of quality outdoor lighting can add value to your home, which can be a big plus should you decide to sell in it in the future. Adding exterior security lighting may also reduce your home insurance rates. Many insurance companies will reward homeowners who install outdoor lights with discounts and premium reductions, because lights outside the house lower the likelihood of break-ins.
  • Saves energy and lasts long: If you have your eyes on energy-saving LED options for your outdoor security lights, then you have another benefit coming. LEDs lower your monthly energy bills, because they have much lower voltage than other types of lightbulbs and emit little heat. The result is energy savings every time you use them. And the less heat created, the lower the risk of major fire hazards. Furthermore, LED outdoor security lights have a long lifespan. You won’t have to replace bulbs nearly as often—even though some LED manufacturers offer warranties, you likely won’t need to take advantage of them!

If you want to speak with an expert outdoor electrician in Forsyth County, GA about exterior lighting, call Duke Electric Co. today!

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