Wiring and Inspecting Your Boat Dock

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Dock wiring can be beneficial to your property in so many different ways. In addition to boosting the curb appeal of your dock, wiring can help keep the area more secure, and can open up all sorts of outdoor entertainment options that you never knew were possible. Read on to learn more about just how much your boat dock can be improved with the addition of outdoor electrical wiring in Forsyth County, GA.

The benefits of electrical dock wiring

With the correct wiring, your dock can be transformed into a well-lit area that provides equal amounts of security and entertainment. Dock wiring will allow for the installation of motion sensor lights, which can be a useful deterrent that in many cases is all that is needed to scare off any potential troublemakers. If an intruder approaches your dock area and sees that you have ample lighting installed, they are far likelier to move on to try to find something that appears to be less secure. You can also add decorative lighting that helps to keep the area sufficiently lit and is great for outdoor parties and social gatherings, or just for relaxing on the dock and enjoying the water.

This electrical wiring can be used to power other practical items as well. Dock wiring enables the installation and use of a power boat lifter, which will provide safe storage that protects the condition of your boat when it is not in use. With proper wiring, you can also plug in a fan to keep you cool while you lounge around on hot summer days. Overall, adding electrical wiring to your dock will help you create a waterfront lifestyle the right way, adding both elegance and value to your property while also offering an extra layer of security for your family and guests.

Make sure to hire a professional for installation

Because dock wiring installation will require working with water and electricity in close proximity, it is always best to find the right professional for the job. Trained electricians will know all about the correct gauge size, weatherproofing materials and the safest location for the installation. These specialists will also know all about fire safety regulations, making sure that your dock wiring is up to code and meets Corps of Engineers requirements, while keeping everyone in the area safe.

To get the most out of your dock with wiring that is up to code and meets Corps of Engineers specifications and regulations, the installation and inspection will need to be completed by a licensed and insured outdoor electrical company in Forsyth County, GA. The talented and knowledgeable team of electricians at Duke Electric Co. is ready to step in with our more than 50 years of industry experience, and we know just what is needed to complete successful dock wiring that can be enjoyed by all. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment and learn more about the many benefits you can receive from investing in dock wiring installation.

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