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You might not think about it much, but how you light a room can affect your mood and your overall experience in your home or business. A brightly lit room is welcoming and friendly, whereas a room with low lighting can be a wonderful place in which to relax. In general, though, you’ll want to stick with bright lighting for most of the day, and this can improve your life, as research demonstrates.

To accomplish this, you need the help of residential electricians in Forsyth County, GA. Here’s a room-by-room approach to lighting your home:

  • Bathrooms: This is a room where having bright overhead lights is important. A standard, highly functional approach is to put lighting above the mirror and sink. You can also add a dimmer switch for the tub and a small LED for night lighting. Another consideration is whether you want to disconnect the fan from the bathroom’s lighting.
  • Staircases and hallways: You won’t be spending a ton of time in these spaces, but you will want to have functional lighting and may choose to add a few personal touches. This can include bright overhead lights placed every six feet or so. You may want to add accent lighting to highlight décor and to make these areas feel more spacious.
  • Entryways: This is what guests will see first when coming into your home, so you want this space to feel welcoming. Track lighting can be used to create a wall wash and make the room brighter. You’ll also want to consider practical points, such as making sure the switches are easily accessible for when you return home at night.
  • Kitchens: A kitchen isn’t just a place for cooking—it’s where many families spend time together and eat their meals. Therefore, you don’t just want functional lighting—you want it to be a warm, friendly space. A combination of overhead, accent and task lighting can provide both the functionality and style you’re looking for. Adding separate controls for each kind of lighting will offer greater flexibility depending on how you’re using the room.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to local electricians in Forsyth County, GA, but there’s one that people around the region have trusted for over 50 years: Duke Electric Co. We offer expert workmanship by highly qualified professionals. We take pride in our capabilities and will tackle any job, no matter how big or how small. Whether you’re just looking to have some new lighting installed or the time has come to completely rewire your home, a call to us is a call that ensures a job well done.

We respond to calls for both homes and businesses, and can take on projects of all types and sizes. We specialize in lighting—including LED conversions, recessed lighting, landscape lighting and pool lights—and can work with you to determine the perfect lighting layout for your home or business. If you’re ready to get started, contact us right away to learn more and receive a free service quote!

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