Want to Install Landscape Lighting? Here’s How to Ensure Safety and Beauty

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Landscape lighting comes in a variety of fixture styles and functions. There’s outdoor lighting that is meant to keep your home safe, and lighting designed to beautify your property. Do you want landscape lighting that offers both safety and aesthetic appeal? When installed properly, for function and aesthetics, your new lighting can do all the above! For this reason, you might consider hiring an outdoor electrician in Forsyth County, GA. A professional will help you choose the right type of lighting for your needs and outdoor locations.

Below are some things you should keep in mind when planning to install landscape lighting.

LED landscape lighting

Back in the day, you would eventually have to turn off your yard lighting to save money and energy. Today, homeowners can install modern LED lighting. LEDs have a longer lifespan and are more energy efficient than standard lighting. This means you can leave your landscape lighting on all night long, until dawn arrives. The biggest benefit of a well-illuminated yard is that would-be thieves will be less likely to approach your house. Lights also keep wildlife from entering your yard and destroying your landscaping.

LED lighting offers both security and aesthetics without taking focus away from your garden and other features. To do this, you will need the proper combination of downlighting effects and moonlighting.

Dimmable landscape lighting

As far as home outdoor lighting systems go, being dimmable is a sought-after feature. Dimmable lighting allows homeowners to have control of the light brightness level in their yards, no matter the time of day. You set your lights to how you want them without having to compromise on the security of your home or the beauty of your yard. What’s more is that the dimmable technology lets you set this type of lighting to automatically dim. It reduces by a certain percentage later in the evening, and more as the hour gets later and until the sun rises. This dimming schedule keeps prowlers away, and it won’t bother your neighbors.

Proper yard illumination

Adding outdoor lighting around your property may seem like an easy task, until you realize just how much planning and skill is needed to do it right. Whoever designs your landscape lighting plan should have the proper training and knowhow to balance your new outdoor lights. Without this skill, you could either end up with too much or too little lighting—proper illumination balance is key! Dark spaces and shadows are not visually attractive, and they can also make your yard a more enticing target for criminals.

You are likely reading this because you’re a homeowner who wants the benefits of both security and beauty from their landscape lighting. The lack of a good landscape lighting design and illumination will only create an unattractive and less safe space.

Want to learn more about landscape lighting and the installation process from an experienced outdoor electrician in Forsyth County, GA? Pick up the phone and call Duke Electric Co. Let us help you bring some light into your yard!

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