Four Tips for Better Swimming Pool Lighting

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If your current swimming pool could use a major upgrade—or if you’re planning ahead for a brand new pool installation this spring—don’t forget to think about lighting. Having a qualified electrician in Forsyth County, GA come out to install beautiful outdoor lights for your backyard and pool area will make a world of difference because:

  • You’ll use the pool even when it’s dark outside
  • You’ll keep your family and friends safer with improved visibility
  • You’ll increase security by having a well-lit space

Duke Electric Co. is here to help you get the gorgeous and effective pool lighting you deserve, so check out these four important pool lighting tips and give us a call to learn more!

Don’t skimp on lights

Installing just a single light might seem economical, but the end result will be a pool with ineffective lighting properties, and a rather off-putting design. Where one light might illuminate only a single section, or accidentally highlight the one unflattering angle of your space, several lights will provide a fuller and more flattering aesthetic. Plus, your guests won’t be disgruntled when they trip over pool toys or bump into tables in the dark! The number of lights you need depends on your pool size and your specific outdoor dimensions, so just speak with your qualified electrician in Forsyth County, GA to determine what number is best.

Facing lights flatter your pool

Now that you’re planning on installing multiple lights, consider facing these lights towards each other. This is a simple and effective way to light your pool in the most flattering way possible. Instead of having a single light that creates a dark shadow in one section, two facing lights will eliminate strange shadows and give the bottom of your pool a smooth, clean appearance.

Keep your patio chairs light-free

Today’s pool lights are of great quality and come in many different sizes and brightness options. LEDs are particularly popular, and for good reason. However, remember that there is a time and place for everything, and this includes lights. When your family and guests are sitting in your lovely patio chairs, they don’t want to be blinded by bright lighting. Keep them happy and comfortable by strategically placing your lighting away from seating areas, but close enough to still provide illumination for the chill-out area.

Have a feature? Show it off!

As a top electrician in Forsyth County, GA, we can say with confidence that homeowners today are getting a kick out of highlighting the best features of their backyards, and we’re helping them do it right. Features might include a beautiful waterfall in the pool, an artsy fountain or a unique sculpture or statue. Whatever you have that makes you smile and enjoy your space, we can help you light it so it really shines at night.

At Duke Electric Co., we’re here to make your dreams of brilliant pool and backyard lighting a reality. Just give us a call today to get started!

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