The Benefits of LED Lighting for Your Home

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These days, everyone’s looking for ways to seriously lower the amount of energy they use each year, and therefore lower their carbon footprints. As a provider of electrical services in Forsyth County, GA, saving energy is important to us, too! One of the best ways that you can do that is by replacing your old lighting with new LED lighting.

Below, we’ll explain the serious advantages new LED lighting has over old lighting. Perhaps its greatest advantage is its energy efficiency, so let’s start with that:

  • More energy efficient: LED lighting is 90 percent more efficient than traditional lighting. This immediately saves you money on your energy bills, and will very likely pay for the cost of the installation of the lighting over time. Each halogen light you replace with LED lighting prevents 250kg of CO2 emissions. And replacing all your lighting with LED will save you as much as 20 percent every single month on your energy bill.
  • Longer lasting: LED lights last an average of 10 times longer than an average light bulb. You could leave your lights on eight hours every single day and get 17 years of light from your LEDs. They’re also much more durable than traditional light bulbs, and pose very little breaking or fire risk, unlike traditional lighting, as no part of the LED is as fragile as the glass and filaments of normal bulbs.
  • Safer: 90 percent of a normal light bulb’s energy is wasted and turned to heat. But LEDs create less heat because they’re more efficient. LEDs don’t get hot, so your child’s never going to burn their hand touching an LED bulb. This also means LED lighting is not likely to be a fire risk. You know how, in movies, the bad guy sets off a gas leak and then breaks a light bulb so that, when someone turns the light on, the spark it creates will ignite the gas? Well, that can’t happen with LED lighting!
  • Variety of colors and uses: LEDs are tiny microchips encased in an epoxy. They can come in a variety of colors, and in a variety of forms. There are LED bulbs, LED arrays and even smart LEDs that can interact with smartphone applications, changing color to match your mood. LEDs are a more flexible form of lighting than traditional lights. They give you an unprecedented ability to customize your lighting.

At Duke Electric Co., we’ve been offering electrical services in Forsyth County, GA since 1965. Over the years, we’ve performed a lot of residential lighting installation and repair. Take it from us, the premier electrical services provider in the area, that LED lighting is the residential home lighting source of the future. If you’re interested in saving money, using less energy and future-proofing your home lighting, give us a call today. We can install new LED lighting in no time, along with providing a number of other electrical services. We stand behind the work we do, and hold ourselves to the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

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