Are You Considering Recessed Lighting Installation in Forsyth County, GA?

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Whether you recently purchased a home, are in need of some sort of update or are looking to give your existing living space a new look, new lighting and lighting fixtures can be the difference between breathtaking and dreadfully boring. So often, homeowners ignore relatively simple fixes like adding new lighting and opt for changes like a fresh coat of wall paint, new carpeting or flooring or brand new appliances. But the thing about lighting is that you often don’t notice how bad you have it until you finally change things up.

Do you think your home lighting could be better? If you are in any of the following situations, you might consider investing in recessed lighting installation in Forsyth County, GA as a way to fix up your home and make it a more inviting and livable space.

Older homes

When constructing many older homes, builders didn’t worry about installing lighting. Floor lamps were often the only option for interior light. By today’s standards, floor lamps offer poor, patchy light and are often only used in smaller rooms or areas that need only decorative lighting. This makes older homes the perfect candidates for recessed lighting. Not only do the lights maintain a low profile look, but they are also able to put out a substantial amount of light without being a central focus point in the room.

Low ceilings

Homes with lower ceilings can really benefit from recessed lighting. While some lighting options hang into a room, creating an unnecessary spatial barrier, recessed lighting is built into the ceiling and can be positioned as needed to meet a wider set of needs than a single point of light.

Whether you want to highlight wall art or light a reading area in a corner of the room, recessed lighting is a great candidate for the job. Believe it or not, having a sconce or chandelier hanging in the middle of a room can significantly close off a space. Keeping lighting tucked away in the ceiling opens up the space while providing a strong source of light.

Wanting a more modern look

Another reason that recessed lighting is so popular is that it remains unseen, which makes it timeless. Where a floor lamp or chandelier may be outdated or go out of style in a few years, recessed lighting stays out of the line of sight and remains a neutral source of light. Recessed lighting is popular in many modern homes and kitchen spaces because it couples well with the clean and sometimes spare look. If spare is not your cup of tea, consider coupling recessed lights with floor lamps and more conversational lighting pieces to make a statement in your space.

Good lighting is important for many reasons, but mostly it’s great for being able to see well inside your home and for adding to the aesthetic of your space. At Duke Electric Co., we provide a range of electrical services to residential and commercial clients, including high-quality recessed lighting installation in Forsyth County, GA. Contact us for an estimate on an upcoming project or to schedule a service appointment today!

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