Seven Reasons to Install a Standby Generator from an Emergency Electrician in Forsyth County, GA

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If you’ve ever been without power, you know how disruptive it can be. Most of us don’t realize how much we depend on electricity in our daily lives until we don’t have access. Even a power outage of just a few hours can completely disrupt our lives.

A standby generator can help alleviate the stress, inconvenience and dangers of a power outage by providing a backup source of energy during even the toughest storms. However, a generator is an investment, and you may be wondering if it’s worth the cost. As an emergency electrician in Forsyth County, GA, we believe it is! But to help you decide, we’ve put together what we think are the top seven reasons to install a standby generator:

  • Keep your appliances and electronics running: Whether you need your dryer to finish a load of laundry, access to your laptop to complete a presentation for work, or want to keep your phone charged in case of an emergency, having a generator will help keep both your necessary and luxury appliances and electronics running when you need them most.
  • Keep your business running: Sometimes an outage will continue hours or even days after a storm has passed. For business owners, this can mean a significant loss in profits. A generator will allow you to continue to conduct business as normal even during a larger power outage.
  • Sump pumps can stay on: During heavy rains, a sump pump helps protect your home from flooding. However, if the power goes out, so does your sump pump. Having a standby generator will help keep your sump pump running and your home dry.
  • Keep your children calm: Storms can be scary enough for some children without the power going out. Having a backup generator that provides light and the other comforts your children are used to can help keep them calm during a storm.
  • Keep you warm: If your power goes out, so does the heat. This can be not only uncomfortable, but dangerous as well. A standby generator will help keep your home warm and comfortable even during the most severe winter storms.
  • Save food: When the power goes out, you run the risk of all your frozen and refrigerated foods getting spoiled. Having a standby generator helps alleviate this stress by keeping your fridge and freezer running.
  • Peace of mind: Perhaps the most significant benefit of installing a generator is the peace of mind it will provide. You won’t have to worry about how to keep your family safe, warm and entertained during the storm. You can simply continue your lives as normal knowing that your generator will keep your household running until the power comes back on.

As an emergency electrician in Forsyth County, GA, we think that installing a generator is well worth the cost. It not only eliminates the hassle and stress of a power outage, but it also helps keep you safe and gives you peace of mind. If you’re interested in scheduling a generator installation, call Duke Electric Co. today!

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