Seven Ideas for Creative Exterior Lighting in Forsyth County, GA

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Are you planning to host the ultimate backyard party this summer? Don’t forget to lighten up the mood with some fanciful and practical exterior lighting in Forsyth County, GA!

Depending on the type of lighting arrangement that you are looking to install on your property, you may want to retain the services of a licensed electrician. It’s important to consistently consider safety and convenience as you prepare your yard for the perfect summer get-together.

Wow your guests with one of these creative ideas for exterior lighting in Forsyth County, GA that is sure to blow them away:

  • Glowing shell arrangement: Bring the beauty of the Georgia coast home. Use oversized seashells to form “clam” shapes, and place a lightbulb inside each one. Then, fill a wooden box with a shallow layer of sand, and use the sand to conceal the lighting cord. Alternatively, votive candles can be used in this type of arrangement.
  • Vellum shields: Asian-inspired lanterns can bring a simplistic elegance to your garden party. Use deep red vellum paper to sandwich tall, glass-encased votive candles. Chopsticks will keep the paper in place, and create a cool atmosphere on even the muggiest of evenings!
  • Silk flower lights: Take your favorite strand of LED holiday lights and fasten a single silk flower to each diode on the light string. You can add a fun pop of color to your yard, and highlight the natural beauty of the area. You may even fool your friends into thinking that your decorations are the result of your gardening prowess.
  • Hanging lanterns: Do you have a weeping willow or similarly broad-branched tree in your yard? Make the most of your natural surroundings, and hang glass lantern boxes from the strongest branches of the tree. Votive candles, or battery-operated alternatives, can be placed inside the lantern for an otherworldly glow.
  • Light columns: For this unique-looking exterior lighting structure, you will need a series of white paper lanterns. String the lanterns together, one on top of the other, and place them securely on a thin pole. Be sure to carefully thread the wiring through each lantern so that it is thoroughly disguised.
  • Photo centerpiece: Three-hinged photo frames with a single light bulb or votive candle are necessary for this sentimental masterpiece. Secure the photo frame into a perfect triangle, and insert the light source inside of it. It’s as easy as that to make a lasting memory for parties that may be celebrating events such as weddings, graduations or engagements.
  • Tiki torches: Tiki torches are one of the defining pieces of outdoor summer décor. You can use these decorative classics to create a themed walkway into the center of your party space, or place them throughout your yard to create a scenic island aesthetic.

Duke Electric Co. has been serving the communities in and around Cumming, GA since 1965. Reach out to us to obtain help with finding and installing the perfect exterior lighting in Forsyth County, GA this summer!

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